Test & Troubleshoot

Currently, there is no password to join the webcast. If you are asked for a password, just refresh your page (Ctrl+F5) and try again.

Test your computer for technical requirements:

You should be able to hear a small piano audio clip in the flash player below.

Case 1: There is no video player visible with a play button
You need to install the flash plug-in for your web browser. Get Flash

Case 2: You are able to hear audio, but it stops frequently
You might need a faster internet connection. For participation in the online meditations a broadband connection is recommended. It may work for dial-up connections, with frequent breaks in the audio. Dial-up is not advised.

Case 3: You press play, but hear nothing
You need to ensure your speakers are connected properly to the computer. Try playing video on other video sites like www.youtube.com. If you still cannot hear audio troubleshoot using the “Troubleshooting Audio” section below.

Troubleshooting Audio

Note: These steps are from Windows XP; Steps on other computers should be similar.

  1. Double click volume
  2. Ensure “Wave” and “Volume Control / Mixer” Sliders are maximum
  3. Make sure they are not muted (i.e. Mute buttons are unchecked)

Troubleshooting Video

Note: These steps are from Windows XP; Steps on other computers should be similar.

  1. Please use an alternative browser. We suggest you also try latest versions of Chrome or Firefox browsers. They are free to download and use.
  2. Try to watch some other channel on www.veetle.com to isolate whether the problem is with all Veetle channels (and hence localized on your machine) or with the Sahaja channel broadcast.
  3. Also, please delete your temporary internet files & browser cache which over time accumulates unnecessary files on your computer that may hinder with normal functioning of some websites.
  4. We have also provided an alternative page link below the video window to help view the sessions in case you’re facing problems on this website.