Meditation session

The recently conducted regular meditation session. A unique flavour of music, mantras, concepts and meditation mingles to create this piece.

A new experience awaits the coming weekend :-)

Note: The following archive comprises of most of the online meditation sessions that have been conducted on the site since May 2013 till date.

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Note: Meditation session since 2008 until Apr 2013 have been now archived. Please contact us at if you need them.

Introductory session on Self Realization
Posted on: 05 May 2009

This is the first program in this series, and on the auspicious occasion of the World Realization Day we have started with a simple to follow self- realization session.

This includes an introductory video from Shri Mataji and a conducted self-realization session.

Stress Management through Sahajayoga Meditation
Posted on: 08 Jan 2009

Welcome to Peace You Can Feel - Workshop on Stress Management through Sahaja Meditation. In this program we can learn how to meditate. This simple and effortless technique can help bring balance, peace and love into our daily lives.

Sahaja Yoga awakens our latent energy and enables us in achieving a new dimension in human awareness. It is not doubt the key to the kingdom of bliss and peace where strains, stresses and diseases are long forgotten and that key lies within each one of us-itís ours for the askingÖ